Best 5 Software to record mouse clicks

One thing that gives you the most satisfaction is automating your computer and PC operations. This is particularly true because it can help you perform repeated actions easier and with less time expense.

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the best software that can save you time when performing repetitive actions by capturing mouse clicks.

The free MouseKey Recorder is among these programs, a powerful and easy-to-use Windows tool that records and repeats mouse clicks, keyboard hits, and other movements. The following are the top 5 mouse click recording software.

1. Auto Mouse Clicker

With the use of auto clicker software, you can automate your work process. It helps you to record certain click points and then make the software click on those points instead of you.

For clicking the same button every minute, copying and pasting, sending emails at predefined intervals, playing games, and other things that can cause carpal tunnel in the wrist paralyzing the hand, you can use free auto clicker download software.

You can use this tool to repeat mouse clicks or double clicks at a specific point on the screen. Use it to keep a window at the top or for other purposes.

Auto mouse Clicker

2. MouseKey Recorder

First on the list because it represents one of the simplest and most practical methods of capturing a "macro". A macro is a set of procedures that are recorded and then repeated automatically.

Mouse key Recorder allows you to record any repetitive activity on the computer and then reproduce it whenever and however you like (even infinitely). There is no complex configuration to do and it is very easy to use.

When you download and install the program on your computer, you'll see a screen showing all the software's features. Click on RECORD to begin recording your mouse and keyboard. Then you can continue.

You can stop recording at any time (using the key ESC) and then save the macro to your PC. You can import a macro into the program and play it back at any time. You can specify the number of repetitions and/or schedule the macro to begin at a certain time and day (for example, at night).

Mouse key Recorder

3. Ghost Mouse

It is best to record mouse movements and clicks, as well as the keys on the keyboard and the key combinations when performing repetitive tasks. Ghost Mouse records your computer operations and allows you to repeat them automatically

Once downloaded, the interface consists of only two buttons: Record and Playback. You can record mouse and keyboard actions using the red button. To play the automation at any time, you must click Stop and save the automation (from the File menu).

After recording repetitive actions, they can be reproduced perfectly every time. Go to the options menu and choose what you want to record. For example, you can record only keyboard movements or mouse clicks.

You can select hotkeys in Options -> Settings and check that the software starts at startup (Startup). The GhostMouse free program is the easiest and best way to repeat actions on a computer using a mouse and keyboard, and it works on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit versions.

Ghost Mouse

4. WinParrot

You can use WinParrot to repeat actions (mouse and keyboard) in a very easy way if you have to perform a task that is identical every time.

Therefore, Win Parrot can record the actions performed, store them in memory, and re-execute them when necessary. You don't need to install anything, just extract the Zip archive to a folder and then run the Winparrot.exe file.

If you right-click the icon at the bottom right next to the clock, you can choose Record or the record button on the main interface to automate an action. Let's say that you want to open the internet directly on your favorite site, without changing your default homepage.

Open the internet browser, click the address bar and type the address you want, then close all windows, click the WinParrot icon at the bottom, give the .wpr file a name, and then press the register button.

Press Stop as soon as the website page opens to stop recording. To rerun the recorded action, in the same way, click the right button and then Play on the Win Parrot icon.


5. MouseController

MouseController is an open-source desktop application for Windows 10/8, Windows 7, and XP that provides you to record mouse actions and clicks, and then automatically return them in sequence, at any time.


You can use it, for example, to move the mouse automatically after a certain amount of time to prevent the computer from going into standby or to repeat the same operation multiple times. Additionally, it is a portable program that does not require installation, so it is quite powerful and easy to use.

Mouse actions can be recorded and played back using hotkeys, which are F9 and F11 for playback and recording, respectively. It is possible to repeat the same recorded action several times based on a time interval. An execution delay can also be set. For those in a hurry, the actions to be repeated can also be performed more quickly than they were recorded.



1)Can I record mouse clicks?

Start the program or game where you want to record the macro. On the mouse, click the Macro Record button. Macro Recorder records keystrokes, mouse clicks, and delays between actions. Mouse movements and macros assigned to reassignable keys will not be captured.

2)How do I automate my mouse clicks?

How to Auto Mouse Click

  1. Step 1: The first step is to download Auto Mouse Clicker. Launch the Auto Mouse Click Software Utility.
  2. Step 2: Configure the HotKey to obtain the position of the mouse cursor. Given below steps outline, how you can get the mouse cursor position automatically by pressing a configurable Hot Key.
  3. Step 3: Automate Mouse Clicks.


I hope you learn lots of valuable information from this article. you can use the Best 5 Software to Recover Mouse Clicks I am sure within a day you will pick up many things. Therefore, use these 5 software and improve your mouse clicks.